Simo's Jewelry


Simona designs every single piece, getting inspiration from ancients symbols, ancient shapes and divine symbols belonging to the Christianity, Hinduisms, Shintoisms and Buddhisms. The aim of her work is to put the human heart at first place in life. God which is above all and inhabits each human heart. Sometimes, she engraved words, taken from ancients "Mantras" or sacred poetry and Indian philosophy, which contribute to reinforce the symbolism of the jewel . For example: the Cloud, on which Christ ascend to Heaven (also a symbol of luck for the ancients Chinese); the Menorah, symbol of the light of God constantly dispensed to humanity; the Triskel, Celtic symbol representing the universal elements; the Tree of Life representing the eternal life of the soul and the tree of knowledge; the "Eye" which is the instrument of the unity God-soul and divine knowledge: the "Hermaphrodite", sun of the gods with masculine and feminine attributes: the natural elements, like water, leaves and shells, are some of the examples of her work.